Primary Section

Admission Criteria


  • The academic session starts in April , for which registration begins in the first week of February;
  • The second set of admissions starts during the first in a week of August depending on the availability of the seats and the new term starts in September.

Admission Requirements for Elementary

  • Portions for the test can be collected from the reception at the time of the registration;
  • Every child has to pass the entry test.
  • Successful students will be called with their parents to meet the vice-principal for the final interview.
  • The final selection will be on the basis of the test scores and the interview.

Documents needed at the time of Admission

The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission without which admission will not be granted.

  • Birth certificate to prove the date of birth.
  • Transfer/school leaving certificate obtained from the school last attended.(if applicable)
  • Copies of the Original report card (if applicable)
  • Copies of the CPRs (child, Mother & Father)
  • Copies of the Passports. (Child, Mother & Father)
  • 4 No Photographs (Passport size)
  • Vaccination records


The primary school has a team of 65 qualified and dedicated teachers. The teachers show enthusiasm in child development and passionate towards children.Our teachers are driven to unlock every child’s door towards learning, tries to overcome any obstacle a child may have. Every child comes to school with a unique personality and learning style and our teachers reach and teach each child effectively.

Teachers at PUS- primary section continuously strive to bring the best out of the students.They plan their lessons to engage the students and educate them at the same time with creativity.State of the art teaching techniques facilitates differentiated teaching style in every classroom.Teaching aids like multimedia projectors, laptops, flash cards, differentiated worksheets, peer learning, educational trips to facilitate the classroom learning ace used the direly. Fully equipped computer laboratory is accessible to all the students of the primary section.

Vice Principal Fatima Jalal
  • LKG
  • HKG

Our preschool team has designed a perfect curriculum plan including worksheets and activities which enhance the fine and gross motor skills for the young ones. This curriculum is based on the physical and intellectual development of 4-6 years old.

In English curriculum, students would be able to identify the words phonetically write upper-lower case letters are comprehend the stories by oral or acts on methods. Mathematics includes teaching to sort objects based on one or more attributes, recognizing & writing numbers (in digits from 0 – 50) & (in words from one-ten). Learning patterns shapes and use the term tall/short, hot/cold, fat/thin, in/out & open/closed.

Young tiny tots are introduced to Science and Social Studies topics as well. like primary & secondary colors, fruits & vegetables, domestic/wild animals, parts of body, healthy & junk food, means of transport and professions. Students also state the seven days of the week.

Our students are not lacking behind in studying Holy Quran. They learn and recite Surah-Al-Ikhlas, Surah-Al-Kausar, and Surah-Al-Fatiha. Including supplications of (before eating & drinking) & (before entering and leaving toilet).

In Urdu, students would be able to learn, recognize and write Urdu letters (along with associated pictures and sounds). Arabic , Tajweed.

Students learn and recite action rhymes, watch interesting videos & take interest in outdoor activities i.e. hoping on both feet, climbing jungle Jim & marching etc.

Selection of this curriculum will ensure that they are learning things to the best of their potential and will be ready for the advanced concepts which they have to learn in later grades.

In HKG, the children study a variety of subjects which include Mathematics, English, Science, Urdu/ Arabic, Islamiat and Tajweed.

  • In Mathematics , the topics covered are numbers, addition , subtraction, shapes, opposites and sequencing;
  • Topics in English are rhyming words , picture reading , singular and plural vowel sounds, verbs and adjectives;
  • Science subject consists of the topics such as myself, our senses, animals , Plants, Living Things, Sky, the Earth and Seasons;
  • In Urdu, topics studied are Urdu alphabets, two letter words, names of Vegetables and Fruits, Counting and Colors;
  • Islamiat covers topics like Allah is one, Importance of Bismillah, Our Prophet, What Quran Teaches us;
  • In Tajweed, they learn "Surah al Fatiha,Surah al Akhlas, Surah al Kausar, and Supplications.

Our Class 1 curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of 6-7 years old. This curriculum is comprehensive, effective and standard based. It is being planned to achieve important goals and access children’s development and learning. Here we build their foundation in various subjects and make them to learn new concepts. The following curriculum covers the wide array of topics that are developmentally appropriate for them;

  • In Math, entice practice is given to students for learning numbers in words 0-100 & in figures 100-400, after, between and before numbers. They do plenty of mental math & learn multiplication tables, ascending/descending numbers, counting in 10s, place value (tens & ones), few or more, solving subtraction sums, learning measurements, time/date, shapes & pattern:
  • English focuses on Poems & Comprehensions. In English Grammar they would be studying vowels/consonants, composition, adjectives, picture, comprehension, prepositions, adverbs, punctuation, pronouns, joining words, singular & plurals and use of (is, am, are) and elements of language composition are being taught.
  • While studying science, teacher directs attention to the laws of natural phenomena through teaching Human body, weather, living things & non-living things, health care, solar system, keeping safe, solid & liquids, the senses, movements, sounds, light , shadow and electricity.
  • In social studies, we introduce the child to Myself, My family, Seasons, Flag of Bahrain and Pakistan, Healthy food, Day & Night, Traffic lights,
  • Quaid-e-Azam(Founder Of Pakistan), kingdom of Bahrain, My home, Farm animals, Identity cards/Smart card.
  • In Islamiat, children are introduced about Allah, Five pillars of Islam, Wadu, Cleanliness, Faith of Muslim, Books of Allah, The Prophets, Daily Prayers, Angels & Salah.
  • Our children are being disciplined through learning Physical Education. In which they are trained by drill exercise, ball passing, volley ball practice, rhythmic fun gymnastic, football kick, endurance exercise, racing to boost stamina, long & high jump and Nero muscular exercises.
  • Computers contains different topics like parts of computer, Use of computers, Know your keyboard, Computer mouse and Drawing for children.

The grade 2 curriculum has been updated to reflect alignment with 7-8 years old. This curriculum enhances understanding, learning and discovering creative ways. It aims to ensure that all the children develop the knowledge, the skills of listening, reading, writing and learning to become self confident now and in future. The following subjects are taught to the children to build their strong and deep conceptual foundations:


Mathematics is one of the most important subject which helps in improving the thinking capacity of the students. In mathematics, students are taught numbers in words and figures 0-2500, missing numbers, between, after and before numbers. They do mental maths and learn tables 2-.Ascendingand descending numbers, place value (ones, tens and hundreds).Solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems lines and curves, fractions, date time:


The syllabus has interesting stories, comprehensions and poems. In Grammar they would be studying adjectives, comprehension, prepositions, adverbs, punctuation, pronouns, joining words, singular & plurals, conjunctions, jumbled sentences and Elements of Language composition are being taught. At this stage Learning English will help them to from sentences correctly and communicate with others clearly:


The amazing facts of science are introduced to the children such as, Our body, Animals, Water, Life cycles, Plants, Moon, Solid liquid and gases, Simple machines, Sounds, Electricity etc:

Social Studies:

In this subject teachers focus on teaching social rules and values such as good manners, seasons, sun and earth, about Kingdom of Bahrain, map reading skills, natural resources, school rules and home rules, our work, our country, landforms, road signs and calendar:


The modern era of technology has compelled us to teach what is computer about? Its applications, uses and parts of a computer in a practical way: Hence with the help of the above designed curriculum, a learning environment is created which will help the students to clear the basic concepts step by step and also to achieve their best, according to their abilities and talents.