Middle Section

Admission Criteria

  • For grades 3 to 7, the students require an aggregate of 40% marks in all subjects to be promoted to the next grade.

    The students coming from other schools for admission in grade 3 to 7 will have to pass the admission test in all major subjects with at least 50% marks in each.


Our staff comprises of a committed cadre of about 60 faculty members who believe that everyone has the potential to learn with the right support. All staff is committed to providing a stimulating environment which is organized, secure structured and purposeful. The teachers believe that they are the facilitators of learning, not just givers of knowledge.

Vice Principal Ayesha Zeb
  • Class 3
  • Class 4
  • Class 5
  • Class 6
  • Class 7

Considering the tenderness of age and being the junior most class of Middle School, students of grade III are the focus of concerted attention. Therefore the methodology of teaching and syllabi are reinforced together to enrich their manners and intellect. The teacher’s job is not only to impart knowledge but to link the child to their natural interest and external motivators. Hence, much emphasis is laid in building the correct conceptual foundation in all areas- language skills, inquiry and research skills along with aesthetic and creative skills.

Apart from weekly physical training class, students enjoy the privilege of a weekly golden period to consume their charged energy.

The little scholars are somewhat trained now in grade IV, therefore the methodology and strategies of teaching are quite different. Teaching is more challenging; aspiring to foster the IV grade pupils to believe in themselves with the right vision of ethics and code of conducts.

Our approach is that freedom and discipline are inextricably linked. Self-discipline is achieved not by imposing rules but by the development of child’s will. Therefore, the little scholars of IV- grade undergo the experience of spiritual training as well as cognitive learning.

In grade V, students undergo the continuous process of emphasized and conceptual study. Students are gradually weaned from the concrete pictures and palpable objects to abstract ideas. A balanced education; based on technology and academics with the connection of social and cultural development of 5th grader is the challenge targeted by 5th grade teachers. We aim to create an environment that foster high-motivation, low-apprehensions and a sense of affinity.

Students of grade VI are vigorously enthusiastic and readily agog to participate in the on-going learning process. Experiential and observational methods are applied for education and erudition. Students are taught to observe record, analyze and apply their knowledge. The bulk of teaching lies in an attempt to develop the pupils into an active, perceptive and astute participant of good character.

VII grade students as the senior most pupils are the steady and sturdy scholars of Middle School who are the most reliable and as good as one’s words. The teachers are ebullient and earnestly devoted to convey a comprehensive and harmonious set of knowledge in accordance with the dire need of global perspective, so as to strengthen their talents and rectify their errors. Subjects Taught Languages: English, Urdu/Arabic Numbers and figures: Mathematics Inquiry & Research Skills: Science, Computer Science Culture & Geography: Social Studies Religion & Ethics: Islamiat in English/ Islamiat in Urdu Art & Craft